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Hey, remember friendship bracelets?  My sister and I used to make them by the dozens and give them away to our best buddies, or stack ’em up on our own wrists.  Well, much to my pleasure, they’re making a comeback — with a little updated twist.  These days, you see friendship bracelets everywhere, mixed in with rhinestones, leather, chains, and all kinds of different hardware.  So I decided to give this new (old) trend the DIY treatment.  Wanna make one too?  Here’s how.

Get about 6 colors of embroidery floss and some small chain (you can find it in the beading section of your local craft store if you don’t have any hanging around).  Cut a generous arm’s length (or two if you want it to wrap around your wrist twice) of each color.  Cut the amount of chain that you need to wrap around your wrist.  Knot your floss, and safety pin the knot to a pillow on your lap as a work space.

Thread your first piece of thread through the first link of chain, from back to front.  Cross the same piece of thread (the first) over the second, then loop it under, up and through.  Pull taut.  Repeat the same knot with the first and second threads.  Then work your way across the row — the first thread should make two knots over the third, then fourth, then fifth, then sixth pieces, and it should end up on the far right of the first row.

Take the second thread and repeat the process; thread it through the same link of chain as the first.  Finish the second row.  The third thread should go through the second link in the chain.  Each link of chain will have two threads through it as you proceed.

Continue this process until the bracelet is the length you like!  At the end, knot your threads all together and snip off the excess.  Attach it to your wrist by knotting it, or get a bracelet clasp from your local craft store for easier on and off.  Wear it yourself or give it to your sister, your friend, or a stranger on the street — spread the love!  xoxo

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