diy striped photo booth props

Another entry in Ruffled‘s DIY contest!  I’ve been looking forward to making these puppies ever since we started planning the wedding.  Our idea is to have a photo booth at the reception, so all of our family and pals can jump in and take fun photos of themselves!  I’m so excited about the idea, and I’m hoping people will get into it.  To assist in the photo festivities, I decided to make some props for folks to use, to spice up their photos a bit.

I got some felt and cut out shapes that I drew (moustaches, glasses, lips, etc.), decorated some BBQ skewers, and glued it all together.  I added some wooden beads to the bottom of the skewers to add a little weight and some decoration, and there ya go!  (Naturally, we had to test them out in the mirror a bit…  Mr. Lovely is always a willing participant for a photo shoot!)

I really love this project!  Here’s hoping the folks at Ruffled like it too!  xoxo

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