DIY St. Patty’s Cups with Airheads

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DIY Airheads Mini Cups

DIY Airheads Mini Cups

Kiss me, I’m Irish! Actually I’m not Irish whatsoever, so instead of kissing me, just pass me a little cup that’s made out of candy and filled with whiskey. Yeah. That sounds about right.

I’m so stoked to be partnering with Airheads for this cute (and tasty) little holiday celebration! When they asked me to use Airheads to make something that people might use at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I was so excited to try these little cups out. And if booze isn’t involved in your festivities, you can fill them with punch, food, candy, or any other thing you can think of. And the best part? When you’re finished, you can eat ’em. Gather your materials:

  • Airheads candy in green and white
  • rolling pin
  • microwave
  • freezer paper
  • printer
  • pen
  • kitchen scissors or knife

Before we get started, a word to the wise: If you’re making the smaller cups, they’re best used as shot glasses or for holding small candy. The larger cups are better for snacks. In addition, if you’re filling the cups with liquids, it’s best to drink them quickly, as they’re not made to hold liquid for extended periods of time (the liquid will dissolve the Airheads). They will, however, hold up for hours with dry foods!

Start by microwaving your airheads to get them to soften. I found that about 15 seconds was right for me — be sure to do a test first. Place the microwaved Airheads between two pieces of freezer paper, with the shiny side touching the candy. Roll them until they’re flat and smooth but not too thin.

Next, print out this template and decide which size of cup you’d like to make. Trace it onto the freezer paper. The large rectangle goes with the large circle; similarly, the small rectangle goes with the small circle. For the large cup you’ll need three Airheads, and for the small you’ll need one. Cut the shapes out of your freezer paper, place them on top of your rolled-out Airheads, and cut around them with your scissors or knife. (Be sure not to try this step with plain paper — it’ll stick to the Airheads and get messy.)


Make some tiny shamrocks by grouping four tiny rolled balls of Airheads with a roll for a stem. Flatten slightly by putting this formation between some freezer paper and applying a bit of pressure.


Place a shamrock on center of the circle, which will serve as the bottom of your cup. Roll the long piece into a cup shape, overlapping the ends slightly. Pinch the overlap together firmly to ensure that the cup is watertight.


Put the two pieces together. Pinch the seam at the bottom, again to make sure the cup is watertight. Double check that all seams are secure to avoid leaking if you’ll be filling them with liquid. Mold the cup into your desired shape.



These are best served fresh, so fill ’em up and set ’em out! If you’re using them as shot glasses, be sure to pour and then drink up quickly. (And don’t forget to take a bite afterward.) Cheers, and be sure to check out Airheads on Facebook for more fun. xoxo



DIY Airheads Mini Cups

DIY Airheads Mini Cups

DIY Airheads Mini Cups

DIY Airheads Mini Cups

DIY Airheads Mini Cups

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Airheads. All content, ideas, and opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who continue to keep Lovely Indeed up and running!

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