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I decided to make my own version of this handy little cone that’s been popping up here and there on some pretty corners of the internet.  I happened upon the most amazing popcorn shop yesterday (full blog post to come!) and walked out with a sack of some delicious treats.  When I got home, I decided to whip up this little DIY so Mr. Lovely and I could enjoy our popcorn in style.

Grab a sheet of old music, or newspaper, or even print a cute design on plain old computer paper.  Cut it into a 6 inch x 6 inch square.  Spread glue along one edge of the paper, roll into a cone, and secure against the edge that meets the glue.

Use some tissue paper to make a mini-pompom.  (Cut 5 strips about 4 inches x 15 inches, stack and fold accordian style, each fold about a half inch apart.  Bind in the middle with wire or string, trim the open edges so they are rounded, then separate the layers until it’s full.)  Then, find any old trim you have laying around — it could be ribbon, pretty tape, a different color of paper, fabric, etc.  I happened to have a few inches of rickrack left over from another project.  Glue your trim around the top edge of the cone.

The final touch:  put a generous amount of glue on the back of your pompom, and attach it to the top of your cone, slightly off-center.

Fill with something awesome and enjoy!  I call them popcorn cones, but it could be for anything — brownie or cookie bites, snack mix, chips, candy, etc.  (Or even at a wedding with rose petals or confetti to shower on the happy couple!)  xoxo

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