DIY Painted Succulent Planter Box

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There has been a bunch of succulents on our patio for the last year or so, and lately they’ve started getting out of hand. They’ve gotten all tall and crazy, and they’ve started sprouting babies, and they’re just quite the ragtag bunch. And until now, they have been in individual pots, which makes for a really annoying watering job. Enter this handy little 8×8″ box I came across in an event supply store. I thought it would be the perfect size for a bunch of the succulents to hang out together, and bonus: it’s a quick and simple painting project, too.


  • pressed board box
  • craft paint
  • painter’s tape
  • foam brushes
  • plants and soil

Make Time: 2 Hours


Mask off the portion of the planter box that you don’t want painted. I wanted a strip of the natural color at the bottom, so I taped that off and painted the sides a mint green.


Next, paint the top edge (if you like). I added a touch of gold on the top. Be careful not to let it drip down over the outsides.


Finish with a second coat of your main color on the sides to cover up any of the accent color that may have gotten out of line. Remove the tape and let dry according to the directions on your paint.


Fill your box with plants of your choosing! Lots of people ask me about drainage holes in the containers where I keep my succulents. I actually find that containers with no drainage holes do really well, as long as you are very careful not to over-water. You never want to leave your succulents in soil that’s too wet.


I’m so pumped, because this little project means I’ll have to water about 7 fewer pots than I used to. Cute and  effective. I like it! xoxo





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  1. This is adorable, I love succulents! How often do you want them? I recently had some die, and I’m not sure if they were too crowded in their tiny pot or if I overwatered them! Black thumb alert!

  2. Love this project Chelsea. And for some reason, it will forever remind me of those square wax vessels we saw at the flower market that I still dream about, even though this box looks totally different. I really should have bought some of those because I think about them all the time.

  3. This may be just what I need. Peter loves plants and we went a little crazy when visiting our local nursery last week.. ha! I’m loving that succulents can be planted in pretty much anything.

    1. Yay! We went plant crazy when we first moved in, too. I still bring some new ones home every once in a while. Most of them are still going strong!

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