DIY Mountain Stamped Wrapping Paper

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One of my sweetest friends got married recently, and she and her husb decided on a woodsy, rustic vibe for their big day. When I got the save-the-date and the invite I was so pumped — you know I’m a fan of a themed event! There was literally a tiny image of a coonskin cap on their stationery. If that doesn’t set the stage, I don’t know what does.

So obviously I wanted to play along and wrap their gifts in something really special and cool. I decided to hand-stamp some wrapping paper for the bride’s shower gift, and keep with the woodsy vibe. I’ve done similar projects to this before; it’s really simple, but so lovely to give a gift that’s wrapped with such care. Here’s how.


  • kraft wrapping paper or the inside of a paper grocery bag
  • pencil
  • stamp block or large pink eraser
  • stamp carving tool or X-Acto knife
  • scissors
  • inkpad

Make Time: 20 Minutes

Before you dive in, here’s a very detailed post on making your own stamps! This hand carved stamp is pretty basic, but check out the other post if you’re wanting to make something a little more in-depth.

Decide the shape that you’d like your stamp, and sketch it lightly in pencil on the stamp block or eraser. If you’re making mountains, a random jagged line will get the point across. (Confession: I skipped this step. I was all, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”)

Next, carefully carve the stamp along the drawn lines (or freehand it if you’re a wild and crazy guy like me). You may need to trim a little extra here or there with your carving tools once you have the general outline cut. Just do a test stamp and see if you like the shape.


Finally, decide on a pattern and stamp away!


If you wanna keep it simple, wrap it all up with a few different textures of twine and secure the wrapping with washi tape. Woodsy-tastic.


Bonus points for a themed gift topper — I was so pumped when I finally found this little couple in a canoe! I have to say, I can’t take credit for the idea — I saw it on Sweet Paul. I did, however, hunt high and low in internetland for a store that actually sold those little guys. So your welcome for that source. I’d recommend some Glue Dots to secure the figurines onto the paper.


I loved it! My original idea was to kind of make the couple look like they were rowing on a lake through the mountains and forest. Haha! Not sure if I exactly got there, but you get the idea. xoxo

P.S. This could  make a beautiful holiday gift too — just add our printable Christmas tags and a sprig of fresh greenery!

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