DIY Ombre Watercolor Shoes

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I’ve been more and more interested in watercolor paints lately. I love how fresh they look, and how they can deliver so much color impact without ever feeling heavy. It’s so dreamy! I wanted to get painting on a different type of canvas, so I picked up some plain white kicks and made myself some DIY ombre watercolor shoes. Let’s make ’em!


  • plain white canvas sneakers
  • watercolor paints
  • small paintbrushes
  • water
  • paper towels

Make Time: 30 minutes

Start by removing the laces from your shoes. I liked mine that way, so I ended up leaving them off! At the toe, paint on clean, clear water. This will help to move the paint around on the shoe canvas.


Mix up your color. Use a fair amount of paint and water to mix together enough to cover both toes; you don’t want to run out and have to try to recreate the color. Make a little puddle of your chosen shade.


Gently, start applying paint to the wet areas on your shoe. You’ll quickly get a feel for how the shoe sucks up color. If the color gets too saturated or sticky on a certain spot, add more water and try to move it around a bit.


After you have your first color, paint a little more clear, clean water at the edge and apply the next color. Always apply more water if the colors are having trouble blending into an ombre effect.




Continue until you’re happy! I just wanted to do the toes, and I love the effect. It’s a perfect pop of color against the white background. Let the shoes dry thoroughly (I would give them a few days), and be careful where you wear them — a rainstorm might not be the place for these beauties. Have fun! xoxo



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