DIY Kids’ Balance Game

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DIY Rainbow Balance Game for Kids

DIY Rainbow Balance Game for Kids

DIY Rainbow Balance Game for Kids

I love including a piece in our DIY game series for the littles! This balance game has become one of Henry’s favorite things to play, and it’s simple enough that even a 2-year-old can get the rules and play successfully. That, and it’s pretty cute and colorful, if I do say so myself. It looks great hanging out on a shelf in a kid’s room, and it’s fun for everyone to play.


  • 10″ wood clock face
  • three different sizes of wood blocks (6 each, we found ours at Michaels)
  • one extra block to use as a die
  • nontoxic paint
  • paintbrush
  • scroll saw
  • wood glue
  • clamps
  • cardstock
  • pencil
  • scissors

Make Time: 2 Hours

DIY Rainbow Balance Game for Kids

Step 1: Cut the wood circle in half.

Step 2: Use wood glue to glue the two halves together. Clamp them together until glue is dry.

Step 3: Trace the half circle onto cardstock. Draw a template of how you’d like the top edge of the game to be. You can make the jagged edges pretty much any shape you’d like, as long as they point upwards on the outer edges of the half circle.

Step 4: Trace the shape onto the wood and cut it out using the scroll saw.

Step 5: Paint the wood blocks. Use 6 different colors and paint three blocks (large, medium, and small) in each color.

Step 6: Paint the block you’ll use as a die. Paint one of each of the six colors on each side of the die.

Step 7: Paint the wood half circle in your desired shade or pattern.

Now play! To play, roll the multicolored die to see which color you’ll have to place on the circle. Take turns rolling and placing colors, trying to stack the blocks so that it’s difficult for your opponent to balance. Whoever knocks over the tower of blocks first loses. Have fun! xoxo

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DIY Rainbow Balance Game for Kids

DIY Rainbow Balance Game for Kids

DIY Rainbow Balance Game for KidsDIY Rainbow Balance Game for Kids

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