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DIY IKEA Desk Hack

How to Hack an IKEA Desk

I’ve been meaning to share the DIY we did on our studio desks forevvvvver (I mean, seriously 4 or 5 years) and I finally got it together! We hacked these desks together from a few different IKEA parts for a total steal, and they’ve been one of our best ideas ever. We each have one, and because they’re somewhat modular we can use them totally differently but they’re both incredibly functional. And best of all, they’re sleek and clean so they don’t take up a lot of bulk in a room — no eyesores here. And how ’bout those sexy desk legs? Sometimes you have to hunt around but IKEA seriously has some lovely little hidden gems.


Make Time: 2-3 Hours

Step 1: Assemble your drawer unit according to the instructions. Do not install the casters to the bottom of the unit.

Step 2: Attach the two table legs to the underside of one end of the table.

Step 3: Apply a few strips of velcro to the top of the set of drawers. Keep both sides of the velcro together and remove one side’s cover so that the sticky portion is exposed. Place this face down on the drawers. Repeat with a few other strips.

Step 4: Remove the cover of the top pieces of all velcro strips so that the top sticky portion is exposed.

Step 5: Decide which end of the desk you’d like the drawers to be on. Arrange your table so that the legs are on the opposite side, and position the blank end of the table top over the drawers. Be sure that it’s aligned on the front and outer edges. Set the table top down and press firmly (I leaned on ours with all of my body weight for a couple of minutes!) to make sure the velcro adheres. Tip! It’s best to assemble the desk in the area where it will ultimately be placed and just shift it slightly, rather than assemble elsewhere and try to pick it up and move it.

That’s it! These desks have been total workhorses for us for the last 5 years. They’re still in great shape, they clean super easily with some countertop spray and a rag, and they’re nice and sturdy. It’s been the perfect size for me, and the drawers are so nice to have to hide all my junk. This would be a perfect DIY for a college student, or someone moving into a new office or studio space! Long live the IKEA hack! xoxo

P.S. Remember our striped midcentury shell chair? Also, another pretty little IKEA hack for your bedroom!

How to Hack an IKEA Desk

How to Hack an IKEA Desk

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30 thoughts on “DIY IKEA Desk Hack

    1. Thank you! I’ve also been guilty of blogging from the couch, but our new desk is seriously a life-saver and makes me WANT to work in the office! Definitely a game changer.

  1. I have an ikea table as a desk and I’m really thinking now of unscrewing the legs and adding these! So more practical and adding the drawer unit would help tremendously for storage!!!

    1. You should definitely do it—seriously so easy and not permanent… Storage is key for us, but having the option to change it back to a table is even more amazing!

  2. Beautiful and soooo clutterfree! 😀 I keep changing my work station every few months, maybe for next time I’ll try some of your tips. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love that you change your work station—an amazing way to keep things fresh and new. I’m sure I could learn a few things from you!   ?

    1. A home office redo sounds like so much fun! I hope you’re planning on sharing it on the blog—I’ll keep my eyes out!   ?

  3. This looks lovely, but I did it myself a few years ago and do not recommend it personally. It’s all right as long as long as you don’t move it, but it makes rearranging a room very tedious. If you want to try, I suggest buying 4 legs, just in case you change your mind. I only bought the two legs that I needed, and now that I’ve decided I’d like to separate the desk and drawers, Ikea no longer carries the same style of legs. Now I have to buy 4 all new legs or have mismatched ones, neither of which is very appealing.

  4. This project turned out great! I love how fresh and full of energy your work space looks! I want that chair for my office 🙂

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  6. thanks so much for these tips, going to attempt my own this weekend! i also adore the turquoise rolling shelf! where did you find that?

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  8. I totally agree with Paige, your desk looks so fresh!I’ve been wanting to give my Ikea desk a makeover & make it look a little fresher but I’m plagued by indecision! As always!

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  11. Hi-Desk looks great. I’m thinking of doing the same thing for my daughter’s room. I noticed that the width of the table top doesn’t match the drawer unit. Has this created any issues? Is it very noticeable? Thanks!

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