DIY Holiday Photo Backdrop

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Christmas Photo Booth

Lots of you lovelies have been asking for the low-down on how Mr. Lovely and I put together the holiday backdrop for our Christmas cards! So today we dish the dirt, and you’re going to love how simple it is. Basically, it’s just about running around your house and gathering anything festive or any props that are in the color palette that you’d like. Things that we used:

  • pre-lit mini Christmas trees
  • blankets (gray and green)
  • rugs (white
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • clear thread or fishing line
  • fun props (suspenders, hats, scarves, Christmas decorations)
Photobooth for the Holidays

I should also say that Mr. Lovely just built me a crazy-awesome photo backdrop stand out of PVC, so that’s what we used to hang the blanket behind us. (We’ll do a full tutorial on that project soon!) But you can just as easily hang a blanket on a wall or suspend it from something up high (ceiling, tree, very tall cousin). After the back blanket was hung, we laid one out on the floor, set up our trees, and covered their bases with rugs and crumpled tissue paper. See the photo below for the what’s-what.

DIY Holiday Photo Backdrop

Really, the only “DIY” part of this was the tissue paper. We crumpled balls of it and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line to look like clouds. We also cut up a few sheets into tiny squares to throw around like snow. We then spent hours vacuuming said snow out of every crevice of our apartment. Worth it? Duh. Yes.

DIY Holiday Photo Backdrop

After you’ve got your backdrop all set up, you’ll need either a photographer or a camera with a tripod and timer/remote shutter. We took every one of these photos with a timer, which was a little tedious, but also made us laugh hysterically. So there ya go. We put the photos on our Christmas cards, but we’re also known for having photobooths at our holiday parties, which is where you could make this project pull double duty. If you set one up, send me a photo! And for more of our photos and some outtakes, check out Lovely Indeed’s Facebook page. xoxo

Holiday Photobooth


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  1. Well, I’ve already got a cute guy, so that’s a start. I love this idea for holiday photos. I still have to take mine yet. My trouble is I have two crazy puppies who don’t stay still for pics. Any advice on that?? …lol! 😉

  2. This is SO fun!
    I have a family holiday party coming up and this would be great for a ‘photobooth’ love it!

  3. You two are the cutest! Love the fake snow and the cosy knits. And so many great photos! A great idea through and through.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  4. Y’all’s Christmas card photo is SO stinkin’ cute. Looks like you had a fabulous time taking the photos, too!

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