diy holiday packaging

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Well hey there, Lovelies!  Hope you’re all coming out of your Christmas coma and that your holiday was just wonderful.  I had a fantastic time celebrating with my family, and you can keep an eye out tomorrow for some photos to prove it!  But today, we’re all about packaging.

Remember the holiday baking bummer that we narrowly avoided last week?  Well, after all was said and done, the little treats we ended up with needed to be wrapped somehow.  So here’s what we came up with.

We used large mason jars and cut circles out of a vintage music magazine to glue to the top of the lid.  Then we printed a label onto the inside of a paper grocery bag (using these awesome Photoshop brushes from Tristan over at Besotted Brand Blog!), cut those out in circles, and glued them down onto the first circle.

For tags, we used some excess shipping labels left over from a wedding project.  We cut out rectangles from the vintage magazine, and printed gift tags on the paper bag.  We cut those into rectangles also and sewed everything together.  Finally, we tied the tags onto the jars with a couple of different kinds of twine.  Voila!  Cheap.  Repurposed.  Happy.  xoxo

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