DIY Gold Foil Notebooks for Back to School

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DIY Gold Foil Notebooks for Back to School
DIY Gold Foil Notebooks for Back to School

I probably have way too many notebooks. It might be a bit of a problem. Can’t help myself! There’s something so delicious about cracking open a fresh notebook and jotting down your plans, brainstorms, and whatever else you’ve got in your brain.

Last year we made these fun notebooks for back to school, so I wanted to put a gold twist on it this year! This year’s version is just as fun and simple to put together, so grab your supplies and make yourself a custom notebook.

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How to Make Personalized Notebooks for Back to School


Make Time: 20 Minutes per Notebook

DIY Gold Foil Notebooks for Back to School

Step 1: Cut a piece of vinyl so that one corner is a square 90º and the opposite edge is at an angle. Place the piece of vinyl on the cover of your notebook, with the square corner flush with one corner of the book. Smooth down the vinyl so that no air bubbles are trapped underneath.

Step 2: Use scissors to trim away the excess vinyl around any edges of the book.

Step 3: Decide what you’d like your notebook to say. Cut out individual letters from the foil letter kit. Remove the white backing from the letters and carefully place them in order one by one, being sure to align them all.

Step 4: Use the bone folder to burnish each letter, pressing firmly and rubbing the letter into the surface of the notebook.

Step 5: Remove the clear cover from each letter. If the white letter starts to pull away with the clear cover, place it back down and rub some more with your bone folder to get the letter to adhere to the notebook.

Step 6: Place the foil down on the letters, gold side up, and press gently with your fingertips. Be sure to press the foil where each letter is. Pull the foil away. If there are some portions of the letters left uncovered, just place the foil down again, press, and pull away until you have the coverage you like.

You did it, smarty pants! I just love these things whether you’re going back to school or you’re a grownup who just needs a place to write. You can make them say anything you like (you could even label them according to what’s inside, like school subjects, work notes, or house to-dos!) and totally customize them. And I have to know — am I the only one who hoards office supplies? xoxo

DIY Gold Foil Notebooks for Back to School
DIY Gold Foil Notebooks for Back to School

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  1. I LOVE pretty office supplies! Do you think this is something you could help a child make? (not a classroom of children, but one-on-one?)

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  9. These are so beautiful! Do you use any sealing material so that the god foil doesn’t rub off or is that not necessary?

    1. Hi Aspa! I’ve never used a sealant but you certainly could try. Without a sealant the gold develops a slightly weathered look that I actually enjoy watching over time, so that’s kind of a preference. But it does maintain most of the metallic shine and sticks to the book well!

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