DIY Giant Geometric Confetti

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What the heck is it about tossing confetti? It’s literally just throwing pieces of teeny tiny paper in the air, but it’s so good. I think it’s the way it flutters down — like it’s kind of weightless for a couple of seconds. I love confetti, but I’m not in a tiny mood these days. I’m in a big mood. So we’re making giant geometric confetti. Let’s party.


  • tissue paper
  • scissors

Make Time: 10 Minutes

This one is so simple I’m almost ashamed to tell you how to do it. But I’m gonna anyway. Pick a bunch of pretty colors of tissue paper that go together well. Line them up so that the edges are square, and cut them into strips that are about two inches wide.


Once you have your strips, make sure again that the edges are square and start cutting them into triangles. Don’t worry about getting it perfect!



There. Done. Now gather up all of your confetti and throw it as high as you can! Mr. Lovely and I had an absolute ball in the warehouse at CRAFTED, tossing this stuff around. (Isn’t the space amazing? See more of it here. If you haven’t been, you definitely need to go some weekend and check it out!)

So. That’s pretty much all you need for a party. A cute guy and a handful of giant confetti. xoxo




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