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DIY Geometric Paperfold Garland & West Elm Recap



Kelly and I had such a ball hanging out and crafting with all of the wonderful folks who came out to our event at west elm last weekend! It’s always so refreshing and inspiring to meet new people and make new friends. The time flew and I loved seeing people put their own creative spin on the project. You can see more photos of the event over on Studio DIY today, and if you want the tutorial for the project we made together, read on right here!






  • cardstock
  • computer and printer
  • downloadable templates (large and small)
  • twine
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Make Time: 1 Hour

Start by printing out the octahedron templates on cardstock (you can choose Large, Small, or do a mixture of both). Cut around the edges of each shape, along the solid lines. Cut about two yards of twine and set aside.


Fold on the dotted lines, smoothing the fold with a bone folder or the handle of your scissors.

Spread a little glue stick on the flaps and adhere them to the adjacent side of the octahedron. Glue two sides together and then place the twine across the octahedron so that it will be strung through the shape.



Continue gluing the remaining three sides. Hold each side in place for a bit to ensure that they are secure.


A couple of tips: We found it easiest to glue the final two sides at once. At the end of folding the shape, it all kind of comes together at once, so spread glue on two (or even three) flaps and adhere them all simultaneously. Also, try to get the twine tucked inside of the flaps as you glue them together. That way you can slide the octahedron up and down the string without it getting caught.


Now. Can you believe these gorgeous photos? We were so lucky to have Mary Costa there with us snapping away at the event. She’s an outta-this-world photographer, and I’m so thankful that she came to play.

And finally, we have to thank all of the generous and talented folks who shared some great pieces in the little gift bags we handed out! So grateful to be able to spread the word about these wonderful creatives.



Danni from Oh, Hello Friend put together a package with a cute zip pouch, custom wooden tags, and other goodies. She’s the queen of packaging.

Amber of Damask Love made mini geometric composition notebooks. I can’t bear to write in mine, it’s so cute!

Sucre Shop included some sweet little mini ice cream spoons.

The geometric beads from Lindsay Streem Designs were so perfect — I want to make them into a necklace!

The Confetti Bar made some custom confetti just for us, using the color palette from our project. Amazing.

Kelly shared some geometric honeycomb business cards — so cool.

I included my Lovely Indeed cards with a special leather and gold triangle pin.


We had such a great time and can’t wait to do it again. Hope to see you at the next one! xoxo





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23 thoughts on “DIY Geometric Paperfold Garland & West Elm Recap

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  2. These photos are absolutely stunning! I literally cannot read this blog without being inspired. Thank you for sharing!


  3. This was such a fun workshop! My husband and I finished assembling our garlands at home (cement glue works best!) and now they hang above our bed 🙂

    I’m planning to make more with the leftover paper but this time securing them shut with a hole punch and knotted twine instead of glue so I can fill each octahedron with candy and tiny trinkets. My nieces will be so surprised when they receive the garland in the mail!

  4. This project seems so versatile, you can make it toward any theme you choose–holidays, color schemes, occasions, etc. What a great idea!

  5. I love these photos of your event. Looks like you and Kelly had a blast! And the geometric party DIYs are so awesome! Wish I could have made it there.

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