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DIY Flower Pom Pins

DIY Flower Pom Pin

DIY Flower Pom Pin

You wanted it, you got it! Here’s the lowdown on the project that I hosted at our recent Craft With The Bloggers event. I have been wearing these crazy little poms all over town — in my hair, on my jacket, pinned to a handbag, you name it. If you’d like to make your own, gather your materials:

  • a strip of organza fabric (For a large pom: 6″ x 2 yards. For a smaller pom: 3″ x 4 yards.)
  • matching thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • pin back

DIY Flower Pom Pin

Note: all photos are of a larger pom. For a smaller pom, follow the same directions but be sure to start with the right size fabric. Start by folding the length of your fabric in half four times, so you have an accordion of fabric that’s about 5 inches wide. Pin the fabric together at the bottom. Cut fringe into one open end of the fabric, leaving an inch or two intact at the pinned side. This fringe will become your “petals,” so shape the ends accordingly. I like mine a little uneven and imperfect.

DIY Flower Pom Pin

Next, unpin and unfold your fabric. Thread your needle and knot the ends. Begin sewing a loose running stitch on the unfringed edge of your fabric. Sew a few stitches, then gather the fabric onto the thread. Continue for the full length of the fabric.

DIY Flower Pom Pin

Once your fabric is all gathered tightly, decide which will be the front and which will be the back of your flower. On the backside, sew a few anchoring stitches through multiple layers of the gathered fabric. You probably don’t need to go through every layer; this just serves to keep the fabric in place.

DIY Flower Pom Pin

With your gathered fabric anchored to itself, place an open pin back down on the back of the flower and sew in the pin. Secure with a knot and snip the thread.

DIY Flower Pom Pin

Bam! You’ve been flower pommed. I love these things, and the people who stopped by to make them with us seemed to love them too. Happy making! xoxo

DIY Flower Pom Pin

DIY Flower Pom Pin

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25 thoughts on “DIY Flower Pom Pins

  1. Such fun. Can’t wait to make one of these and start sporting it around. Looks like it would bring joy to any outfit!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

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  3. Aww, that’s super cute! I love how it looks almost like feathers. It would be great for a wedding!

    I’ll be including this in my link round-up tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  7. Princess Chelsea??! Was zooming thru Pinterest & saw adorable hair foo-foo….& omigollygosh…it was you Such a darling site…miss you! Shine on! Cheers from Karen

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