DIY Floral and Wire Words + Free Download

Floral and wire words

Floral and wire words

Floral and wire words

After our flower messages last year with Flower Muse, I wanted to revamp the project a little so that you could transport it and even hang it on a wall! What’s prettier than something said with flowers, guys? Nothing, that’s what. These lovely little floral words are sturdy so you can move them around, hang them, lean them, and reposition them however you like. Can’t you just see these at a wedding or a shower, spelling out a fun phrase? So pretty! I loved ’em so much we made our “be you” sign into a free wallpaper download, so get it for your desktop OR phone down below.


Make Time: 10 Minutes per Word

Floral and wire words

Step 1: Use your wire cutters to cut off a few feet of wire. Start bending it to form your words. Don’t be afraid to really work it into straight lines or curves. Experiment a little with the type of writing you’d like to use. Remember that in each word all of your letters will need to be connected, so think “cursive.”

Step 2: Cut off a few stems of florals, planning where you’d like them to be. I like the sparse look for this particular project but you can cover as much or as little of the wire as you like! Cut the stem to about 2-3 inches. Place the stem against a portion of the wire word. Wrap floral tape around and around the stem until the flower is secured against the wire. Rip of the end of the tape.

Step 3: Repeat with more florals! Try fun combinations of flowers and greenery, and place the combinations at various spots along the wires until you’re satisfied.

Just hang them on the wall with small tacks or nails, or even removable hooks if the words aren’t too loaded with flowers and they’re light enough. You can also lean them against walls, suspend them from the ceiling, or hang them like a wreath on a door! And if you just want to dress up your computer a bit, grab our freebie desktop wallpaper download below. xoxo


Floral and wire words

Floral and wire words

22 thoughts on “DIY Floral and Wire Words + Free Download”

  1. I saw your blog featured in one of the magazines I get… I think it was BHG, but I am so glad that I checked you out! I love your unique and fresh ideas, and also that you share them with the world. I will definitely be making this in the future!

  2. I came across this post while searching or fun ideas for my soon to be baby girls nursery & I cannot wait to create a piece for her! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s beautiful!

  3. My girl scouts will love doing this. What size floral wire do you recommend?
    I see you are suppose to coil it.

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