DIY Dahlia and Amaranthus Bouquet

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You may remember that I have a proclivity towards flowers that look like they came from a Dr. Seuss book. So on a recent trip to the flower market, I saw these dahlias and I completely stopped short. These actually reminded me of a Van Gogh painting. They were so gorgeous in a totally crazy, over-the-top way I had to grab them and show you guys. I mean, there’s one that’s as big as my head! I thought they looked weirdly cool with some amaranthus, so they all bunked up together in a vase and made nice on my dining room table.




  • 5-6 dahlia blooms
  • bunch of (upright) green amaranthus
  • tall vase
  • scissors

Make Time: 10 Minutes

Choose a bloom and trim the lower greenery off. Cut the stem at an angle, ensuring that it’s the right height for your vase.


Arrange the stems in your vase bit by bit. These were kind of wild to work with because the stems are so stiff, but just keep working them together until they stay where you want them. Work your way through all of the stems until you’re done! Make sure you take a step back and rearrange if need be. Sometimes I forget to look at the big picture when I’m putting flowers together.


Isn’t it crazy? In such a beautiful way. What do you think — do you guys like a more classic, refined look in your flowers, or are you up for something that’s a little out-there? xoxo

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  1. In my humble opinion, everything would look better if it came from a Dr. Seuss book. Except the wardrobe of course…numbered tunics aren’t really my thing.

    Anyway, beautiful flowers! Love them with the amaranthus.

  2. Dahlias are great flowers and relatively easy to grow. The only issue with them is the weight of the flower. They have a tendency to tip over the stalk, which makes the flower rest on the ground. I recommend using bamboo or other supports to hold the stalks up. Thanks for sharing!