DIY Cement Dominoes

April 29 2014 |

Hey hey! I’m so excited today to kick off a mini-series of DIY projects for ya. With summer on the way, I always have an itch to get together with friends for game nights. So I thought it would be cool to have a series of DIY games that you can make and then play! Fun, yeah? Today we’re starting off with a doozy — DIY cement dominoes, using the adorable ice cube tray from the Oh Joy for Target collection!


Make Time: 2 Hours (plus cement drying time)

Begin by mixing the cement for the dominoes. Follow the directions on your packaging; I found it best to add a tiny extra bit of water to make the mixture a little on the soupy side. It should be the texture of pancake batter when you pour for the best results. Experiment and see what works best for you. Once mixed, work quickly to pour cement into each mold on the ice tray. Each mold has multiple tiers; only fill the first two or your dominoes will be huge! After the molds are full, tap the tray a few times to help the cement settle. Let set for an hour if you’re using Cement All; otherwise, check the directions on your packaging.

DIY Cement Dominoes

Once set, pop the dominoes out of the tray. Repeat this process until you have 28 domino pieces (I made a few extra to account for mess-ups!). That will be enough to create a double-six domino set.

DIY Cement Dominoes

Use painter’s tape to tape off a slim line on the center of each domino. Use craft paint to paint the center line. Remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Set aside to dry thoroughly.

DIY Cement Dominoes

After the center line is dry, use a pencil to mark off where the dots will be on each domino. There’s a great chart here that I used to keep track of how many dots are on each domino.

DIY Cement Dominoes

Next, use the handle end of a craft paintbrush to create the dots. Dip the handle into a bit of paint and tap it lightly on the domino right over your pencil mark. It should make a nice, round dot. I decided to make each number a different color — all the sixes yellow, all the fives blue, and so on. Use your imagination!

DIY Cement Dominoes

Finally, once everything is dry, get your game on! Mr. Lovely and I are loving this set — it’s so fun and colorful. I’d love to know if you make some, so send a photo! And big thanks to Joy for inspiring the project. Have fun! xoxo

DIY Cement Dominoes

Tutorial photos by Lovely Indeed; all other photos by Whitney B. Lucas.

33 thoughts on “DIY Cement Dominoes”

  1. SO obsessed!! I might make this my “birthday gift of the year” and give a set to all my nieces and nephews. It’s just SO fun! Can’t believe you made ’em with Joy’s ice cube tray!!

  2. We play dominos every Tuesday @1:00 pm the year around, this is a great idea, thanks for sharing, will make great gifts!

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