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DIY Bunny Slippers

DIY Bunny Slippers

DIY Bunny Slippers

I’ve never had bunny slippers before! They totally make me giggle. And I thought they’d be cumbersome to wear, but these little bunnies are just as comfy as can be! And I think I figured out a way to make them that’s so simple even the anti-crafty folks will want to tackle this one. Here we go!


  • plain pair of slippers (these came from Marshalls for about $7!)
  • pink and white felt
  • lace or decorative fabric
  • scissors
  • glue gun

Make Time: 20 Minutes

Start with a basic pair of slippers. I found these with a little bow and it actually worked out perfectly!

DIY Bunny Slippers

Cut out all of the face shapes from fabric. You’ll need four felt ear pieces, four lace ear pieces that are slightly smaller than the felt pieces, four eyes, and two noses.

DIY Bunny Slippers

Hot glue the lace pieces onto the felt ears.


On each ear, put a small bit of glue at the front of the base and pinch in half to shape the ear.


Glue the pieces of the face onto the slippers. The ears should nestle under either side of the bow, and eyes and nose go a little farther down the front of the slipper. (Experiment with placement before you glue them down!)



Let everything dry and slip them on! I am loving bopping around the house in these while we wait for Easter to come. And by the way, don’t be afraid to experiment with different eye or nose shapes — these bunnies are fully customizable! Have fun. xoxo




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17 thoughts on “DIY Bunny Slippers

  1. SOOOOO cute!!!! I remember you saying you wanted to make these, so glad you did! I need a pair. STAT!

  2. These slippers are adorable! They’re perfect for Easter, but I could see myself wearing these year-round.

  3. oh my gosh, I bet you’d have a hard time finding anybunny who wouldnt love these. 🙂
    Bad pun, adorable DIY.

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    1. Hi Hannah! They’re pj pants from Target, sometime last year I think. They’re probably gone now, but I’m sure they have something similar for spring!

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