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DIY Anniversary Lock



You might have seen some of these lock photos before, but I thought I’d give you the full DIY version of my anniversary gift to Mr. Lovely.

We decided last year not to really do a big anniversary gift situation, so we travel instead and that is our gift to each other. But knowing that we would be in Paris on our anniversary, I just had to do something.

So. I found myself a brass padlock and got out my trusty metal alphabet stamp kit. I stamped the lock with our initals, our wedding date, and our anniversary date, and hid it in my luggage.




The day we got to Paris was our actual anniversary, so we got in, rested a bit, and headed out on an adventure. I took him to Pont Des Arts — better known as the Love Lock Bridge. For years and years, sweethearts have been putting their initials on padlocks, locking them to the bridge, and tossing the keys overboard into the Seine. So that’s what we did.

I made an extra key with our anniversary date for him to have as a little keepsake. All in all, a pretty simple (and affordable!) anniversary gift. And if you’re not in Paris, heck, just lock it to your garden gate. It’s definitely the thought that counts. Later this week I’ll share the card I made him — it’s a freebie download, too. xoxo





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13 thoughts on “DIY Anniversary Lock

  1. Love this DIY take on the love locks. I’ll be happy if I remember to bring all my essentials on our trip to paris later this year, so if I manage to squeeze in one of these bad boys (and I hope I do), I’ll be pretty impressed with myself. I’m the queen of forgetting stuff on trips. 🙂

  2. I did this on my 21st birthday, though it was from my best friend rather than a lover. But it was the perfect gift that i’ll always remember.

  3. That’s right where my husband asked me to marry him! We went to Paris for a holiday last year and he wasn’t planning to ask me to marry him at all, but after three days he got caught up in the romance of the city, snuck off to buy a ring when I wasn’t looking and asked me right where you’re standing on the ponts de arts! You have no idea how shocked and surprised I was. It was Boxing Day so there were hundreds of people there and we got lots of cheers and applause. I totally cried and so did he. Paris truly is a romantic city.

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