diy ampersand throw pillow

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I’m not sure why ampersands are so hot right now, but I’m on board for sure!  We have an old throw pillow on our bed that was looking pretty tired, so I decided to dress it up a bit.  Read on for the full tutorial.

Cut two pieces of fabric slightly larger than the size of your pillow.  Cut an ampersand shape out of freezer paper to use as a stencil and iron it (shiny side down) onto the center of one piece of fabric (1).  Using gold paint and a sponge brush, stencil the design onto the fabric (2).  Once your stencil is complete (3), peel away the freezer paper and let it dry (4).

Pin and sew right sides of your fabric together (5).  Leave 2/3 of the bottom edge of your fabric unsewn, and stuff the fabric with the pillow (6).  Use a hidden stitch to close the open section on the bottom of your pillow (7).

Bam!  You’re done.  Isn’t that a chic little update?  You can tell all of your friends you got it at some expensive home boutique.  Orrrr, you could tell them you made it and watch their jaws drop.  Either way.  xoxo

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  1. Oh! Yes, the yellow ampersand. I’m sure you’re not surprised I love it so. So happy to meet you at Alt, Chelsea! Fantastic little space you’ve got over here. 🙂