August’s Lovely Girl // The Free Spirit

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Each month we feature a new Lovely Girl, meant to inspire you to explore the zillions of ways you can live a lovely life. These gals are based on real-life lovelies that we know and adore, and are illustrated by none other than the super-talented Lindsey! August‘s Lovely Girl is inspired by one of our very favorite Free Spirits in the blogosphere — Chelsey of The Paper Mama!


You’ll recognize the Free Spirit because she’s the one who looks at home wherever she is. She’s got a content heart, a quick wit, and an open mind. This girl makes the most of life in an effortless way and is an absolute pro when it comes to marching to her own drum. While the world and the people around her are concerned about following trends, the Free Spirit is setting them without even realizing it — just by being herself. xoxo


Dress. Fox Container. Tote. Clogs.  Earrings. Lip Balm. Book.

What kind of Lovely Girl are you? Need more inspiration? See the rest of The Lovelies here.

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