Anybody Else Have This Problem?

You know. That problem where you literally can’t go into Target without spending a hundred bucks on I’m not exactly sure what. How do they do it?!

Right now my major downfall is Project 62 and all of the new housewares. I try to justify the purchases by telling myself they’re for the blog and I’ll use them for styling photos. But let’s be real, in all actuality I just can’t walk by the home department without getting stuck and wanting to put all of the pottery and lamps and ottomans in my basket. Here are a few of my current faves. (Anybody want to put that sofa in the mail for me?)

Target Project 62

Rug. Wire basket. Blue tray. Pink throw. Gold envelope. Pink ottoman. Clock. Gold planter. Bud vase. Sofa.
Top image from Target

Fess up and please tell me I’m not alone! Where’s your downfall when you walk into a Target? xoxo

8 thoughts on “Anybody Else Have This Problem?”

  1. Lucky you!
    You have Target, and also Michael’s 😉
    I am French, and we just have Ikea 🙁
    I wish I were American LOL

  2. Ugh, yes! I feel that same irresistible pull toward the home decor aisles at Target. Except for me, it’s usually just *wishing* I could spend a hundred bucks there instead of actually doing it… 😉
    And I love the Project 62 line too! Never get tired of looking through their gorgeous styles.

  3. Target is like that ex boyfriend you can’t stay away from. I was just there last night and spent $115 when I only went in for a few groceries! Were there closer (grocery) stores I could have gone to? Yes. And did I need the golden cat statue I went home with? No. Why do I do this to myself?!

    P.s.-Also DYING over everything from Project 62!

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