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An After-School Fall Treat + DQ GIVEAWAY!

A sweet after school tradition

A sweet after school tradition

A sweet after school tradition

The other day after we picked the kids up from school, we did something we almost never do and took them out for a little treat. They’re used to coming straight home, or going to karate, or running errands — so when we told them we were going on a family date for a sweet treat you should have seen their eyes light up! It was kind of adorable.

I love teaming up with brands that my family is excited about, so when DQ® asked if we’d like to help unveil the NEW Fall Blizzard® Treat Menu (available at participating U.S. locations) I was like, “Ummmm YES!” And then they told me that they’re also unveiling a Fall Blizzard Treat Menu Candle Collection. You guys. Candles that smell like Blizzard Treats. It’s like my childhood and adult best lives are coming together to give me my best day ever. We took some candles with us to do smell-taste comparisons, ya know, just for scientific purposes.

A sweet after school tradition

A sweet after school tradition

I had never actually had a seasonal treat from DQ, and lemme tell ya — two very enthusiastic thumbs up. (Or two very enthusiastic red spoons in, as Maggie demonstrates below.) We tried the Pumpkin Pie and the Harvest Berry Pie Blizzard Treats, and I was surprised that the berry was actually my fave! The combo of the real berries and the pie crust was on point. To be fair though, between the four of us we demolished both flavors. The Fall Blizzard Treat menu has five flavors in all, including new Heath® Caramel Brownie, Snickers® and retuning fan favorite Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough, in addition to the two Blizzard Treats we tried.

A sweet after school tradition

The kids were just so happy to be on this sweet little adventure. Do you ever surprise your kiddos after school with something different? Or even just take yourself on a little excursion after work? There’s something about going outside the norm and taking some time to do something just for fun. Especially for us as a family; I feel it gives us an opportunity to share time together and communicate in different ways than we usually do. Between bites, Henry told us about his day, Maggie cracked jokes, and we all were able to just be together for a while.

I know, I know, I hear you — WHAT ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY?! Okay here we go! Just in case you aren’t able to grab your own set of Fall Blizzard Treat candles, we’re giving away a full set of them, plus a $25 gift card to DQ so you can enjoy it all! Fun, right? Entering is super simple — just go to our Instagram feed and comment on the giveaway post. Boom! Done. Comment with your favorite thing about fall, or a favorite DQ memory, or your favorite thing to order. Just tell us something fun!


In the meantime, if you now just need to satisfy your craving, you can find a DQ location near you right here.

So do you have any fun after-school traditions? If you could pick up your kids from school (or finish your own work day) and go anywhere, where would you go?! xoxo

This post is sponsored by DQ. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

A sweet after school tradition

A sweet after school tradition

A sweet after school tradition

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5 thoughts on “An After-School Fall Treat + DQ GIVEAWAY!

  1. Did you say HARVEST BERRY PIE BLIZZARD??!! Ohhhhh m’gosh! Of course, I’ll need to try the others, too, just to see which one I like best, yoouuu knowwww…… ???

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  3. Best thing about Fall is that it finally starts to cool off (to about 90 : ) in Texas – but DQ Blizzards keep us cool ALL YEAR around… DQ sign = Texas Stop sign

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