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Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Stumped on what to put in an adult Easter basket? We’ve rounded up 17 perfect Easter gifts for your bestie, mom, daughter, girlfriend, or wife!

adult easter basket

Easter is on the way, and it’s one of my favorite holidays to celebrate!

There’s such a feeling of freshness, of hope, and of happiness at the start of spring. Easter is a culmination of all of that for me.

I mostly fill Easter baskets for kids these days (you can find my 30 top picks of Easter basket fillers here, with no candy and no junk!), but I got to thinking — what would I want in my Easter basket?

So let’s talk about adult Easter basket ideas!

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Gift Giving at Easter

Maybe gift giving isn’t on your radar at Easter! That definitely would make things simple.

But if it is, and if you need adult Easter basket or gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

I love giving gifts that I would use myself, especially for a friend or family member who has similar taste. Easter gifts that evoke spring vibes are particularly fun to give.

I also really try to give gifts that fall into a few key categories:

  • gifts that are useful or make life easier,
  • gifts that encourage self care,
  • and gifts that I know someone wouldn’t get for themselves but really loves.

All of these adult Easter basket ideas fit the bill!

Adult Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Travel Mugs. Carrying tea or coffee in a pretty travel mug adds a little something extra special to your day. I also love this one with a handle.

Pour-Over Kettle. I use this kettle multiple times a day and can’t recommend it enough, especially for a pour-over lover!

Gold Pens. Perfect for someone who loves to write, or with an office job.

Hand Treatment. The best hand lotion with a lovely, light smell! Keeps my hands soft through the dry winters.

Tea. Tea lovers — this Earl Grey Creme is such a treat.

Nail Polish. Essie has long been a favorite! The array of colors can’t be beat and the formula stays put for me days longer than other brands.

Umbrella. When was the last time you saw an umbrella that made you happy?

Books. Shameless plug for my book, The Happy Home! But in general, books make lovely adult Easter basket fillers.

adult easter basket

Slippers. How could these not make you happy as you putter around the house?

Puzzles. This spring in New York puzzle has perfect Easter vibes!

Summer in Italy Candle. My favorite candle for years! It’s the best scent to take you from spring into summer and burns for hours.

Candle Accessories. If you have a friend who loves burning candles, these accessories are a life saver (especially the wick trimmer).

A Pretty Journal. A friend recently gave me a journal with the wish that “it provides space for my thoughts.” I thought that was so lovely.

Bubbly Bear Gummies. Gummies that taste like champagne?! Easter basket perfection.

Sunnies. These are so affordable but very chic, and come in plenty of color combinations.

Toiletry Kit. You’ll have to click through to see the brilliance of this toiletry kit! It unfolds to hold so much more than you think.

adult easter basket

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. This means that I receive a small commission should you make a purchase via one of these links, at no additional cost to you. Thank you as always for your support!

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1 thought on “Adult Easter Basket Ideas

  1. Great recommendations!! I got the sunnies, nail polish, & slippers for my two teenage girl Easter baskets. Super fun!!
    (used your links of course – thanks for making it easy)