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5 Steps to Super Happy Houseplants

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

5 Steps to Happy Houseplants

When we moved from NYC to LA, we bought our first houseplant. I truly had no clue about how to care for them or what they needed, but I was excited to add a little green to our apartment. We named our first plant “Planty” (because we were obviously feeling highly creative that day) and just crossed our fingers that he didn’t die.

When we bought him, he was about knee-height. Now he’s taller than I am. Along the way, we’ve amassed quite a batch of houseplants (and yes, most of them have names) and a good amount of knowledge about how to keep them thriving. After we rescued our fiddle leaf fig from near death we figured it might be worth sharing our hard-won wisdom. So here ya go, our five top tips for super happy houseplants!

Find Their Happy Place You know how you have that certain spot on the couch that you fit right into, or the chair that you like the best? Plants are the same. Some of them like being by the window, some of them like snuggling into the corner, some like sun and some like shade. You’ve gotta feel it out with each individual plant. I usually start somewhere near a window with plenty of filtered sunlight. If you find that your plant isn’t thriving there, gently move it to a new place with different conditions. You’ll usually be able to tell within a couple of weeks – it might yellow or lose leaves if it’s in a place it doesn’t like.

Use the Perfect Potting Soil We recently repotted all of our houseplants with a new soil and they’re thriving. We tried Miracle-Gro Expand N’ Gro and it turned out to be perfect for our houseplants. It’s a little different than your usual potting soil — you add water and it expands to about three times its size. It holds 50% more water than ordinary potting mix as well, so plants stay nice and hydrated. And maybe best of all, you can order it on Amazon to be shipped to your door. Most soils can’t be delivered because of weight. We’ll actually be sharing a new DIY using Expand n’ Gro soon, so keep an eye out for that!

5 Steps to Happy Houseplants

Have a Watering Schedule We keep it on our to-do lists weekly to water the plants. We found that they really do best on a schedule, partially so that we never forget, and partially because it means their water levels stay nice and even. It might take a while to adjust to what your plants need but the fine tuning is worth it.

Rotate I’m guilty of often forgetting this one, and we end up with some plants that are reaching toward sunlight or waaayyy longer on one side than the other. It’s a good idea to rotate your pots every couple of weeks so that growth stays even. Otherwise you can end up with a plant that is totally bald and sad on one side.

5 Steps to Happy Houseplants

Don’t Be Afraid to Prune Even houseplants need pruning! I know it kills you to cut off perfectly good leaves or branches, but it’ll make way for fresh growth and keep your plants healthy. And especially be sure to prune away dead leaves or fronds. They’re a drain on a plant, and look messy to boot! This one was key for us as we were nursing our fiddle leaf back to life. We cut away a few half dead leaves and twice as many fresh green ones sprung up in their place.

Hope these tips help you get your plants happy and healthy! And be sure to come back to see what we’re dreaming up with our new favorite soil — you midcentury fans are gonna love this one. xoxo

5 Steps to Happy Houseplants

5 Steps to Happy Houseplants

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