DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups

I loved making these little guys! They served perfectly as an invite gift for our Meet/Make/Do attendees, and mine is now happily perched by my desk while I work. They took some experimenting (I went through about 4 different designs before I settled on one, but I love how they turned out; a gold rim was just the extra touch they needed! These would make a perfect little spring gift or an addition to an Easter basket, so read on for the full DIY.


Make Time: 20 Minutes

For starters, I had seen these little bell cups before but I didn’t know what they were called or how to find them! So I did some quick research with Bing Image Search that led me in the right direction. After a bit more searching I found out where I could buy some locally.


Once you have your bell cup, start by wiping it down with a dry cloth to rid it of any debris. If your bell cups are on sticks, you should be able to remove the stick from the bottom. It may leave a tiny hole, but then you have the option to hang up your air plant cup, like one of our guests did!

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups

Place painter’s tape around the bell cup about halfway down, in a horizontal stripe. Smooth the edges to be sure no paint seeps underneath. Paint the upper half of the bell cup.

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups

Carefully remove the tape and set the cup aside for a few minutes to dry. (Mine dried really quickly!) Once dry, paint a complementary color (I used gold, because duh) around the top rim of the cup.

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups

Once the cup is dry, pop your little air plant inside and set it on display!

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups

I loved sending these in the invite packages to our attendees! It’s so fun to get special parcels in the mail. Big thanks to Jordan Brantley for designing us a killer invite to go with these little air plant cups, and to Bing for helping us make it happen. xoxo

DIY Air Plant Bell Cups


DIY Air Plant Bell CupsThis post is sponsored by Bing. All opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!


  1. Stephanie on said:

    I just love how these turned out! I need something like this for my desk!

    • chelsea on said:

      Thanks Christina! Glad you like ’em. 🙂

  2. daria on said:

    That it such a great idea! I love those repurposed bell cups.

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  4. Brittni on said:

    Yay! The air plants you found fit perfectly in these little guys. This was such a cute DIY to add to the invites for MMD.

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  12. lauren on said:

    These are really cute! What kind of store did you find the bells cups at locally?

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  20. DELANOY on said:

    quel est le nom botanique de cette plante ?

    • mindy on said:

      Je pense que c’est les Tillandsia Bromeliads ? Mais je ne sais pas, mais je pense que ca c’est quest ce qu’elle dit.

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