My Top Travel Gear for Kids


Traveling with kids is an absolute joy — if you lay the groundwork and have the right supplies! Try our favorite travel gear for kids on your next trip with the family.

From day one, our kiddos have come with us on travel adventures. They’ve logged thousands of miles with us in flights and road trips, and the memories we’ve made are absolutely priceless.

And over those miles, we’ve learned through trial and error the best tips, tricks, and must-have travel gear for kids to make a successful trip.

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I’ve broken down our favorite travel gear for kids into a few categories. Read on to see each of them, and be sure to pin or bookmark the ones that sound like they’d work well for your kiddos.

Note that these recommendations are for children who are school age, old enough to carry a backpack and roll their own suitcases.

When our children were baby and toddler age our list looked a little different! But this list serves kids well from about kindergarten through pre-teens.

The Best Packing Essentials to include IN Your Travel Gear for Kids

A Hardshell Spinner Suitcase. Ever since our kids were old enough to roll their own suitcases, we travel with one carry-on per person.

I find that a hard-shell spinner suitcase with a telescoping handle works well for kids to be able to maneuver. They also love feeling like they are in charge of their own luggage.

Color-Coded Toiletry Bottles. A set of color-coded bottles works perfectly for kiddos, because they know which color is shampoo, conditioner, soap, and so on!

A set like this one is also great because it’s TSA-approved and just the right size to carry everything they need without exceeding the liquid limits.

Clear Zipper Pouches. We use clear zipper pouches to organize everything when we travel! Snacks, small toys, books, coloring, toiletries, and more each get their own bag.

The clear exterior helps kids easily access the items that they’re looking for.

Comfy Travel Gear For Kids

Kid-Sized Neck Pillow. For long road trips or flights, a kid-sized neck pillow is clutch to have. I prefer the kind with snaps so that they can snap it onto their backpack or suitcase while we’re walking.

Travel Shawl and Wrap. This is something that I pack in my own bag but often use for the kids.

We’ve used these to stay warm on a chilly flight, as picnic blankets, or even as a towel at the beach.

Noise Reduction Ear Muffs. We have one kiddo with auditory sensitivity, so if we’re headed somewhere loud we bring the noise reducing ear muffs and they make her so much more comfortable.

These are great on loud flights, at concerts, or at theme parks on noisy rides.

Entertainment Travel Gear for Kids

Basic Tablet. We don’t often let the kids indulge in time on a tablet at home, but when we travel it’s game-on. (No pun intended.)

I like these tablets because they’re affordable, sturdy, and have every capability that a kid would need.

Kid-Friendly Headphones. Bluetooth headphones are great so there are no cords to get tangled in. I also like kid-friendly headphones because there is usually a decibel limit to protect young ears.

Grab-and-Go Play Packs. I have been bringing these play packs with us to restaurants as long as I can remember. My kids mostly like them for the coloring and activity books, and I bring additional pens for coloring.

I really don’t like to sit down in a restaurant and hand a kid a screen as entertainment, so this is what the kids do while they’re waiting for food to arrive. I also pull these out in other situations where we might be waiting for a while.

Along with these, I’ll bring a few other items like stickers for younger kids, or sudoku and crossword puzzle books for older kids.

Mini Pens. These little pens are easy to travel and take up almost no space.

Mesh Zipper Pouches. I bring along our coloring or art supplies in these zipper pouches and tuck it right into my purse or travel bag.

Extras to bring

Sanitizing Wipes. I’m that mom who wipes down everything when we travel! Plane armrests, restaurant tables, you name it. These smell great and don’t dry out your hands.

Hand Sanitizer Spray. I like spray because I feel like you don’t waste as much as a sanitizer gel! And these happy faces just make me smile.

Power Bank. This power bank is a game changer! If you’re going to be on a long travel day, or out and about all day, this will charge multiple devices. It also comes with its own cords tucked right into the power bank, with three different jack options.

Hope these recommendations make your travel easy and enjoyable! xoxo

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