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How to Find Your Audience // Pick My Brain

how to find your audience

Welcome to the Pick My Brain series! I truly love being a resource for people, and feel grateful for the opportunity to share the things that I’ve learned and that I love. I wish I could sit down for a cup of tea with every person that asks to pick my brain, but there just aren’t enough hours in the week! So every so often, I’ll ask for your “pick my brain” questions over on Instagram and answer them here. It’s a great way for me to serve you as a resource, and hopefully help more people at the same time! One of our most recent questions is all about how to find your audience as a blogger or business owner.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? Sometimes. And sometimes not. When we’re talking business, or blogging, or the business of blogging, there’s often lots more when it comes to how to find your audience.

How to Find Your Audience

To be completely honest, this is a topic that has come to the forefront for Lovely Indeed lately, and it’s on my mind a lot. Finding your audience is a constant work in progress. I think of it like growing and shaping a little bonsai tree. It takes years, it’s never finished, and you can’t be afraid to do a little pruning.

To be even more honest, I’m nowhere near being an expert on this. But as I shape my little Lovely Indeed bonsai, I can see our audience becoming more and more defined and specific. So while I’m not an expert I can share what has worked and is working for me. So let’s dive in.

Be Crystal Clear About What Your Brand Provides

This is twofold — for yourself, and for your audience. If you’re not 100% clear on your brand, your vision, your product, your service, or whatever it is that you provide, no one else can be either. An audience won’t gather around something that’s confusing. So going into your new business, or your blog launch, have a crystal clear vision.

And beyond that, articulate it clearly to the world! Especially in the beginning, as you’re actively trying to build and grow and find your audience, make sure you talk in no uncertain terms about what it is that you do! Weave your story in a way that feels natural and awesome and exciting to you. And while you’re doing that, don’t forget to tell people what they can expect from you, why the service you provide is relevant and awesome, and how you can help them.

Find Your Contemporaries

If you don’t know where to start, look around for the other people or brands in your niche who are a similar size or have been working for a similar amount of time. Reach out to those people and talk! Maybe you can grab a cup of coffee and talk strategy. Maybe you can trade promotions or exchange Instagram shoutouts. Or maybe you can team up on a collaboration of some sort! Start thinking in this vein and it’ll help expose you to new audience members who are probably looking for someone just like you!

Reach Out and Engage

This is a similar idea, but aimed at audience members instead of colleagues. Wondering how to find your audience? Go get them! Find and follow your ideal audience on Instagram (or wherever you do the most business). Engage genuinely with their content. Start building relationships and you’ll see that the engagement will come back to you.

Don’t Pull Your Punches

This has been a more recent discovery that I’m getting comfortable with. I’ve realized (probably years too late) that it’s never worth it to hold back in your communication with your audience. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. If you are passionate about something, share it and share your reasoning. Yes, this will alienate some people. But those people are not your people. And moreover, it will crystallize for your true audience that your brand or company is worth investing in, in lots of different ways.

Learn to Love the Unsubscribers

And finally, my most treasured epiphany. I used to just ache when I would see people unsubscribe from my email list, or unfollow me on social media. But now? I love it. I know, it seems counterintuitive. But here’s the thing: every time somebody unsubscribes, your list becomes more and more pure. More full of people who are your superfans. And you have an audience who really, truly want to hear what you have to say.

So try to let go of that prideful side that just wants huge numbers. More important than a massive audience? A following that is actively engaged, who wants to buy what you’re selling, and who can’t wait for your next email or post.

A few Last Thoughts On How to Find Your Audience

When someone asked this question over on Instagram, I was so excited! If you find yourself exploring questions like this one as you build a brand or a business, you’re on the right track. And if it’s something that you didn’t put a lot of thought into right at the start of building your business (like I didn’t), it’s never too late. I really think finding and building your audience is a forever thing. It’s not something you can set and forget. The people that I see doing it the best are doing it every single day, in small ways.

Like I said, I’m no expert — I’m trying every single day to follow my own advice as I continue to build and serve Lovely Indeed’s audience (that’s you!). But I hope this gives you a little insight into the thought behind what I do. Feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts or questions! xoxo

P.S. Find lots more of our solopreneur business tips here!

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