Happy New Year + A Little Tip from Me to You

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Happy New Year, lovelies! I am basking in the new year glow and sitting pretty because after hustling through the end of 2015, I’m feeling pretty ready to tackle this year. At the end of last year, I organized all of my computer files and supplies in my office, and I’m feeling pretty cool about it all. And I just wanted to give you a teensy tip if you’re doing a little New Years organizing!

I’ve been wrangling my craft paints for what feels like years now (because it literally has been years), and I finally, finally figured out a smart way to store them. I snagged a few of these little bins from Michaels which just happen to fit a whole bunch of paints perfectly in there. They stack too, so if you have a whole bunch you can stack ’em on up. And you know that it ain’t organized in my book unless it’s in rainbow order, so these bad boys are all lined up pretty.



But the best part of it all is that I’m storing them upside-down now, so not only can you see all the colors without having to lift them out of the bin but it also means the paint is down by the lid and ready to squeeze outta there. No joke, this little bin of paints has saved me frustration every time I’ve pulled it out to use it. So there! Just a quick little tip for your organizing pleasure. Can I get a HOLLAAAA from my fellow Type-A creatives?!

See you back here next week! Can’t wait to get 2016 all revved up and share the barrage of awesomeness we’ve got planned for you! xoxo


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    1. Hi Karen! I found mine in person; sometimes I find that the Michaels site and in-store stock don’t match up. If you have a local Michaels, I found this in the craft organization section. Good luck! xx

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