DIY Travel Journals

June 15 2015 |

DIY Travel Journals

Hey party animals! In case you missed it, head over and check out the tutorial I created for these DIY travel journals over on Momtastic! I have this habit of documenting our travels within an inch of their lives when we are out on adventures so I can remember every single thing. So I made myself some new journals to fill up this summer. (And a little zebra print never hurt anybody, am I right?)

Hope you make some! xoxo

DIY Travel Journals

DIY Travel Journals

10 thoughts on “DIY Travel Journals”

  1. That is exactly right. You think you will never forget, but somehow it fades! Wish I had written down a lot more over the years. Also, baby journals! Love yours!

  2. This zebra print is amazing! I’m usually a bit too lazy too to travel journals of my trips but if I have a cute notebook ready, I might.

  3. I love to make custom notebooks for everything. I haven’t had a plain composition book since elementary school (where I was banned from decorating it with anything more than my name). I even made these pocket notebooks that fit in my purse so that I would never be without a notepad when inspiration hit! Being a writer, I have to record everything because you never know when that person sitting in the coffee shop will end up in your novel! I love your bright colors and will have to try that on the next set of notebooks that I will inevitably make.

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