DIY Metal Rolling Cart Refresh

July 6 2016 |

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

We’ve had this metal rolling cart kicking around in our backyard ever since we moved into the new house a couple of years ago. Initially we found it at a yard sale and Mr. Lovely took it on as a little furniture update project, and it turned out great! We used it as a bar cart for a while. When we moved in I put some plants on it and set it outside and it just sort of stayed there, forgotten. Needless to say time and the weather took their toll and it was looking a little less than chipper. (And by less than chipper, I mean totally grimy, faded, scratched up, and basically a mess.) So we teamed with method, who’s encouraging us all to #fearnomess and get our hands a little dirty while we’re being creative! We cleaned it up and gave it a new life. If you have a similar piece of furniture that needs an update, this might just do the trick!


Make Time: 2 Hours (Plus Paint Drying Time)

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

Step 1: Take your cart outside and wipe it down of any major dust or debris. If necessary, use a stiff brush to brush away any paint flakes or caked-on gunk.

Step 2: If your cart has any wheels or hardware, remove it and set it aside.

Step 3: Spray all over with a cleaning spray like method’s all-purpose cleaner (which, by the way smells like lovely clementines!). Spritz lightly with water and wipe with your rags to clean every inch of that baby.

Step 4: Once completely dry, cover with a first coat of spray paint. This is the part that will take patience — you may need a few even coats of spray paint to get your desired effect. We were going from navy to bright yellow and I didn’t prime it, so we used 4 coats of paint.

Step 5: Between coats, once each coat is dry, spritz lightly with your all-purpose cleaner and wipe gently with a rag. This will ensure that any dust or debris that settled while the previous coat was drying gets removed. A gentle, non-toxic formula like method’s is ideal here so that it doesn’t eat away at the paint as you’re working on adding coats.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your cart has complete color coverage.

Step 7: Clean all your hardware with the all-purpose cleaner and a rag. Allow it to dry thoroughly and then reattach it to the cart.

Yessss! I love this little refresh! The bright yellow is so fun and it’s a great spot to hold a few odds and ends around the new studio. I’ve been rolling it around here and there until I find the perfect spot. Have you ever updated a piece of furniture? If you’re new to the game, I’d highly recommend a project like this one to get you into the swing of things. It’s so exciting what you can create when you #fearnomess! xoxo

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

DIY Metal Rolling Cart Restyle

This post is sponsored by method. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the brands who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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  1. Love the bright yellow color and your Oh Joy vases! I got a set of the party animals when I saw them at Target. I’m feeling very tempted to go out and look for some more of that collection now…

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