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March 12 2012 |

I love this project!  I almost called it “DIY Pebbles & BamBam Necklace,” because it kind of looks like it’s straight out of The Flintstones.  In any case, it’s awesome and you should make one.  Here’s what you’ll need.

  • modeling clay & oven
  • butter knife
  • paint & paintbrush
  • clear nail polish
  • fabric
  • Stitch Witchery
  • iron
  • fabric/craft glue
  • hole punch
  • chunky chain
  • needle nose or jewelry pliers
  • scissors
  • jewelry clasp

First, make some gem-shaped “rocks” with your modeling clay.  They can be all different shapes and sizes; use the butter knife if you need help shaping.  8-10 pieces should be enough.  Bake the clay according to the instructions on the package.  Let the pieces cool and then paint any color you desire (I used three coats).

After the paint has dried, coat each piece with clear nail polish for a shiny finish.

Next, sandwich a few layers of Stitch Witchery between two layers of fabric and iron until the layers are fused together evenly.

Arrange the clay rocks in an upside-down arch on the fabric and glue each piece down.  Cut around the rocks, leaving a little extra on each end of the arch.  Punch a small hole on each end.

Take a length of chain 18″ long and fold it in half.  Use the pliers to unfasten one link of extra chain.  Insert the extra link into one of the holes and through the middle link in the 18″ chain.  Close the open link.  Repeat on the other side of the necklace.

On the other ends of the chain, use the pliers to fasten the open ends to the jewelry clasp.

Wear it, live it, love it!  I can’t wait to find an excuse to take this one out for a spin.  xoxo

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