you’re in for a surprise

June 21 2012 |

{Image by Yumiko Froelich.}

You guys, it’s finally happened. I finally redesigned Lovely Indeed in a way that I absolutely love. Up to this point I’ve liked the design okay, but there have always been little things that have bugged me about it. So tomorrow, we’re launching the redesign and I think it’s gonna knock your socks off! I’m so excited, but we’ve still got some work to do so I’m off to get rid of a few bugs. Make sure to come back tomorrow to check it out! Yahoo! xoxo

9 thoughts on “you’re in for a surprise”

  1. It’s so funny to me that you changed your blog design – because I just pinned your page last week because I loved the blog design..

    I like the new design – but I loved the old one too!

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