Year Three

Bride and Groom

Photo by Rusty Lens Photography

This little post could get dangerous, what with all the pregnancy hormones running around in m’bod. But I could never let an anniversary go by without a tiny tribute to my very favorite (plus, ya know, any excuse to re-share one of our wedding photos…).

This is the last anniversary that we’ll be just the two of us. And sometimes that scares me just a bit because I love being just the two of us. But the reality is that the adventures will be that much sweeter and life will be that much fuller with a tiny person that we made together. And so I kind of can’t wait for next year’s anniversary, when we’ll be the three of us.

So to my husband (at the risk of pushing this smushy post right over the edge), thank you for just being as you are. You are more than I could ever hope for or need. Happy anniversary. xoxo

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