why, i oughta…

So it’s my own stupid fault, but my wallet got stolen today. Like a big dumb jerk, I wore a small backpack to the cheap market in Shanghai, and left my wallet inside. And like a big dumb jerk, I didn’t feel it when some sneaky, despicable little thief unzipped it and took my wallet out while it was still on my back. And like a big dumb jerk, I didn’t realize it had happened until we got into a cab to go home.

I’m mostly upset with myself, because I had even thought, before leaving the hotel, that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have my wallet on my back, especially at such a busy, un-trustworthy place. Lesson learned, friends. If there’s ever a place to learn not to trust people, it’s Shanghai.

But at the same time, mistake on my part or not, it’s NOT OKAY to steal things. And until it happens to you, you forget what a total violation it is. It’s a horrible, sinking feeling, to know that you are a target, and that someone took something from you with malicious intent.

It’s gross. GROSS, SHANGHAI!


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