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Why I Love Instagram So Dang Much

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I asked recently what you all thought the future held for blogging, and some of the responses were so cool! One in particular had to do with Instagram, and it got me thinking about how much I love that platform and exactly why. Because I know that I love to share there, like so many other people, and I know that I especially love to see what everyone else shares there, too. Sometimes even more than reading blogs. And I think I’m figuring out what it is that’s so awesome about it.

For me, it’s like the most beautiful timeline of my life with Ryan (and now Henry!). Ryan did this super fancy, nerdy thing with our tv at home — he set it up so that the screen saver on our tv is a random slideshow of all of my Instagram photos ever. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things in the house. Sometimes we’ll leave it on and I’ll find myself taking a walk down memory lane just watching different photos slide across the screen. And it’s the best documentation of our lives together. We look back at photos and have the best time remembering things — trips, projects, meals, parties, weekends at home, getting married, bringing Henry home.

But beyond that, I love that Instagram encourages users not just to slap any ol’ photo up there and call it a day, but to be creative and intentional with the memories you make and share. Have you ever taken part in a Weekend Hashtag Project? Every Friday, Instagram encourages users to share a photo with a new, creative hashtag that they’ve made up. And they’re all so thoughtful and they encourage you to look at the world in a new way, which I love. They also have introduced me to so many creative people from all around the world, and I think it’s fascinating to see what other people share and what their version of beauty is.

Not to mention, how much fun is it to live vicarously through people? I love when people take trips and Gram it up — it’s so inspiring on so many levels. I’ve planned trips or outings to so many different amazing places because it looked fun on Instagram. No joke. It’s broadened my world (I truly mean that — no irony or sarcasm!).

So what about you? Are you as into it as I am? I know it’s not for everyone — lots of folks find it overwhelming or just plain too much. Why do you love it? Why do you hate it? Tell me your thoughts! xoxo

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8 thoughts on “Why I Love Instagram So Dang Much

  1. I really love instagram but my phone takes really bad pictures so I’m waiting for my birthday to get a new one a take pictures of EVERYTHING, haha

  2. I love Instagram too! I agree that it’s helped me be intentional and creative with the way I share my memories. As a whole, I feel like Instagram has really evolved into something that I use to discover like-minded creatives and amazing places!

  3. I love Instagram. It’s my favorite platform. I love how it’s become a social commerce site as well so I’m buying things straight from the app. And if you’re loving your IG screen saver… have you heard of ChatBooks? Go to their stream ASAP. Cutest damn books ever. I’ve already bought my entire timeline, plus separate ones for my child’s first 3 months (will continue to do every 3 months until she’s 1), my pregnancy and hashtags from our wedding. Seriously. Love.

  4. I like Instagram, but I don’t post there as much as others do. I like going through my feed, though, liking everyone else’s post. 🙂

    I have actually made friends through IG and srsly when I went to the Stationery Show people were going wild to meet me JUST BECAUSE OF MY FEED! People I didn’t even KNOW were seeing my name badge and calling out to me saying “OMG! Crumple and Toss! I LOVE your Instagram!” Holy crap! It was awesome! And weird.
    I just love chatting through it and you start to see you belong to a sort of “crew” as well depending on who you follow. Have you noticed that? I see people who follow ME commenting on pictures that *I follow and it’s like “stationery people” have a posse and fashion grammers probably have a fashion “posse” (of about a billion). SO weird. It makes the big world so small.

Join Our Newest Mini-Series, Totally Free!

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5 Days to a Purposeful + Joyful New Year

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