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Who’s Doing It Right // Two

Doing It Right

I’m happy to be sharing more today about the people I came across at Alt who truly inspired me. These particular folks struck me as focused and clear-headed about their work, but not so much that they couldn’t be down-to-earth as well. My exchanges with these creatives left me feeling uplifted and inspired, and I’m grateful for that.

Alix from A Ruffled Life is such a whirlwind ball of energy that she can’t help but take you along with her. I remember her saying to me that she believes in hard work, and I loved that she shared that with me because I do too. (And her deer business card was ridiculously cute.)

Making It Lovely is one of the biggest blogs on the block, but Nicole still always takes a moment to say a genuine hello. I think that speaks volumes.

Doing It Right

Amber is the blogger behind Damask Love (and that rad embossed notebook). This girl is not only a riot to talk to, but savvy and smart about the business — I love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Doing It Right

You know I’m pals with Chelsey (A.K.A. The Paper Mama), so it’s no surprise that I think she’s amazing. She’s an artist, a maker, a writer, a mom, and comes up with some of the most creative ideas around.

Doing It Right

I met the Shop Sweet Lulu girls in person for the first time at Alt, but they made me feel like we were old friends. Beyond being completely fun, they’ve built a brand that is clear, concise, and kind of brilliant.

Doing It RightMoorea Seal is known far and wide for having fabulous taste and creating beautiful things. On top of that, she’s cool and collected, and talking with her is like a breath of fresh, honest air.

I met Heidi early in the conference, and it was a total treat. Every time I saw her she was smiling. She’s a designer (her company is Idieh Design), and her business cards were killer. Not to mention the fact that they had a little temporary tattoo.

Kelly has been blogging at Design Crush for seven years. As a veteran blogger, she told me that she decided to go simple this year, and hand out a small, round sticker business card. I love the simplicity and the confidence in her choice.

Come back Friday for the third and final group of peeps who I think are doing it right! xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Who’s Doing It Right // Two

  1. Oh my Chelsea! Will you be my blog wife please? I’ll propose to you with one of those ring pops from Sweet Lulus mini party! Thanks for including me with these awesome people!

  2. Oh goodness you are making me blush! Those are such nice things you said about me! It really was such a pleasure meeting you. I feel like a trip to CA is in order…it seems like a ton of my favorite bloggers are there!

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