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travel // home again

If you keep up with the Where Am I Now posts, you probably know that I travel home to California quite a bit.  There’s nothing quite like coming home for the holidays, so this time around we’re giving you little glimpses of a Central Valley winter.  It usually consists of babies in footie pajamas, twinkly Christmas lights, and foggy drives out to the country.  So this is where I am for a bit!  Where are you?  I’m noticing that we’re getting some readers from all over the world these days — I’d love to read some comments about where you might be.  xoxo

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12 thoughts on “travel // home again

  1. Yeh that fifth picture reminds me at home. We get some of that weather up here in So. OR. It reminds me of home. Our fog usually clears off pretty good by noon not like down there where it can last all day & night for a couple weeks at a time. Have a Merry Christmas with your family. Give them my love.

  2. I was just thinking this morning as I drove to work that we don’t get to enjoy beautiful white snow here, but the fog can sure be beautiful at times – especially when it glows with Christmas lights.

  3. i’m from singapore, which is thousands of miles from where you are. chanced upon your blog when i was searching for DIY ideas for my wedding!
    love the photo collage you did for your apartment, am planning to have something like that in mine as well 🙂
    have a merry christmas chelsea (and ryan) !

      1. nope, it hasn’t – it’s in march next year! 🙂 thanks for asking.

        chinese weddings are usually really big and raucous occasions (and i want mine to be the same, i’m traditional that way) so as much as i wanted to diy part of the invitations (eg what you guys did with the stamps and typewriter) it’s really not possible, even the church wedding will involve tons of guests.
        it was a fun read, and provided bright spots in my dreary days at work (it is raining alot here now, and the office air-conditioning is freezing).

  4. I miss the fog, I agree with Kristina, the fog with the twinkling Christmas lights is just magical! Though there’s much to be said for the authentic Colonial wreaths and swags of pine which adorn our whole city of Williamsburg. Have a blessed Christmas and hug the Central Valley for me!

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