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travel // des moines, ia

Des Moines is a little tricky, if you ask me.  You roll into downtown, and it looks like a sleepy, empty place.  And then you start walking around, and you find a brewery with amazing jambalaya.  And then you find a coffee shop that sells you an old burlap coffee bag for two buckaroos.  (DIY to come, dudes.)  And then cute buildings and restaurants and shops just keep popping out of all these little corners, and all of a sudden you totally love Des Moines!  Ta-daaa!  xoxo

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11 thoughts on “travel // des moines, ia

  1. hard to pick a favorite…they are all so wonderful! (thanks Nick)
    wouldn’t it be nice if we could order a print or two from an online photo store…Walgreens, Snapfish, etc….
    digital is good, but good old fashioned framed photos are nice too…

  2. Great pics, you guys! I’m so excited and happy for you!! I love the one kissing on the boat (very LITTLE MERMAID). I’m sure Ryan could Photoshop some magic around it and make a kick-ass invitation! (I’ll be waiting….;)

    There are many GREAT options. Bravo!

  3. ADORABLE!!!! You two are so photogenic! and what a great job done by Nick. Love the one on the bridge… he could use that for promos. and I LOVE the handwritten signs. Magic. 🙂

    Keep posting, my sweet. we know that beautiful yellow from the show opening pics. All that’s missing is some cattlemen’s steak! (tee, hee)


  4. Looks like a fun day and you two look great! ….. Love the photos (and the very talented photographer, of course).

  5. Oh my goodness!! Please come to Niagara and play the Ukulele at MY Wedding!!! You two are an adorbale couple, and your engagement photos look like something out a fairy tale! So romantic, fun and flirty-they are perfect!

  6. These are beautiful!!! I love them all! The walk through the park with “were getting hitched” , the kiss on the boat in the lake and “love” on the chalk board are my favorites!!! Thanks for stopping by Fairytale Wishes & Dreams, you have a lovely blog as well! Congrats on the engagement! Please stop by and say hello soon =)

  7. Oh man, I am loving your engagement pictures! I was sent over here via The Sweetest Occasion… and I’m dying to ask, where in the world did you get your perfect yellow sweater / cardigan?? Im pretty sure I need one just like it for my engagement photos! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! You know, I think the cardigan is from Forever 21, a few months ago. If you don’t have luck there, I just saw some really similar ones at Old Navy — bright colors, embellished shoulders, etc. So cute! Can’t wait to see what you pick. 🙂

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