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del1So before Mr. Lovely and I left NYC, we made it a point to get a few things crossed off the ol’ list. One of them was to finally see Delaware, so away we went!

Now, maybe y’all from Delaware can help me out here, but I didn’t quite get it there. True, the historic parts of the quaint little towns are beautiful with all of the crooked brick and storm cellars, and I could just picture people walking the cobblestone streets hundreds of years ago. But other than that, I have to be honest — it was kind of a strange place. It felt sort of forgotten. Anyone know what I’m talking about? And if you’re from Delaware, drop some knowledge on us! What’s your favorite stuff there?

In any case, we definitely found some pretty little corners to hang out in. Here are some snaps for ya. xoxo





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    1. Sorry that came out snarky. I only meant that, being the old person I am, my movie references might not be as commonly known as I would hope. (Or it is because I am a nerd, and no one else will know the nerdy movie!)

  1. My mom was stationed in Dover, Delaware and I don’t remember her ever having much to say about it. She would just talk about how she would drive home to NY (upstate) to drink and dance (to disco) with her friends. That kind of reminds me of your impression. Probably pretty, but a little forgotten.

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