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Hey Lovelies!  I hope your weekends were fantastic.  I celebrated my 31st this weekend with Mr. Lovely on a quick road trip through New England!  Our first day was filled with a gorgeous drive out of the city and up into Vermont.  We stayed on the southern end in Brattleboro, and toodled around the little town doing all kinds of fun stuff!  It turns out they have quite a cool downtown area, so we spent some time there (especially at Twice Upon a Time and The Works).  They also have a pretty amazing music shop where I tried out some ukes and banjos, so I was in heaven.

And if that wasn’t enough, we struck the mother lode in the food department;  they were having their annual pie-baking contest (Pie-Palooza), so naturally we stopped by.  But only after dinner at a major-must restaurant:  Three Stones.  Seriously, if you’re anywhere near Brattleboro, hit this place up.  It’s a teeny tiny Mexican-Aztec joint, with about 5 tables and a short menu of only the most delicious stuff.  (You should get the Onzicil Tortilla for sure).  Take a peek at some of what we saw, and come back tomorrow for part two of our trip!  xoxo

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