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What Should We Be for Halloween?

Where's Waldo Family DIY Halloween Costume

Peter Pan Family Halloween Costume

It’s about that time again! That time when I make my family dress up in a group Halloween costume while I can still bend them all to my will. 😉 Kidding. (Or am I?) Actually, Henry is super into the group costume thing but he’s starting to want to call the shots when it comes to exactly what we are. We have a few options on the table, but we need help deciding!

First, he wanted to be the Paw Patrol. Luckily we were able to quickly steer him away from that (because uggghhhh) and towards some Disney. So then he wanted to be Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy. Which would be so fun! Then one morning he woke up and wanted us all to be snowflakes, because I think he had a dream about it. Hahahaha! Next time you need a good laugh, have a conversation with a two-year-old when they’re trying to describe a dream. The snowflake thing faded and now he’s saying he wants us to be the Berenstain Bears. Which is actually a pretty killer idea! I just have two qualms. One: if he wore the Brother Bear costume to school by himself for their Halloween parade, it might be hard to tell what exactly he is. Brother Bear just wears a red collar shirt and blue jeans. And two: Mama Bear basically wears a muumuu. And after last year, wearing a baggy pajama dress on my one-month-postpartum body, it sure would be swell to wear something a little more formfitting. Vain? Yes. Honest? Definitely.

So! Any great ideas for a family of four? Ryan realllly wants to do Wreck It Ralph, with Ryan as Ralph, Henry as Fit-It Felix, Maggie as Vanellope, and me as a Nicelander. A little obscure but it would be rad. I have kind of always wanted to go as breakfast, and be eggs/toast/bacon/waffles. But that might be a little challenging. Help us, gang! What’s your costume vote? xoxo

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10 thoughts on “What Should We Be for Halloween?

  1. Hmm… Maybe Scooby Doo characters or Gilligan’s island could be fun? I don’t know if Henry would be interested by those costumes though, I have no idea what he likes. Having the kids dress up as the parents and vice versa could be funny too. I’m sure you’ll find some great costume idea. 🙂

  2. I love the Wreck-It Ralph idea! And you could TOTALLY do breakfast!!! It would be awesome! Maggie could be bacon: you’d just have to get her a little red jumpsuit and cut out red felt “wavy bacon” shapes and stick it on either side of the suit. Then you could all pose IN BED AND BE BREAKFAST IN BED OMFG PLEASE DO THIS.

  3. I’ve always loved the idea of Russian nesting dolls in folk outfits for a family costume. I haven’t been able to convince my kids though! I always want to dress our family of five as the characters from Bob’s Burgers, but the kids aren’t into that either. Friends dressed as a family of Smurfs one year which I thought was pretty fun -and a super easy costume.

  4. I got Jace a really cute lion costume. If I could find a reasonably lengthed Dorothy dress I would totally do that. But then again it’s just him and I. So that would be silly. Maybe you guys could do it. You be Dorothy and then choose who gets to be the lion tin man and scarecrow.

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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