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Happy Friday, guys!  I thought I’d take a departure from the usual today and let you into another area of my life — music!  Most of you know that I’m an actress and singer in NYC, but I don’t really address it much here on the blog.  So since my latest project is having a big day today, it seems like maybe the right time.

Two of my good friends and I have been writing music for a new project called Sport Tunes — it’s music for children that’s based on teaching concepts like sportsmanship, being a good team member, and even specific sports skills.  We’ve been having a total blast putting this music together, and now we’re doing a Kickstarter to see if we can get into the studio and record an album.  We have big dreams for this idea, and (if I do say so myself) the music is awesome.

Go ahead and watch the video if you’re into seeing a little more about our team and what we’ve been up to!  Above all, please  know that I’m not asking you to donate — this is just another part of my life that’s so important to me, and has been so rewarding of late.  You can click here to go to the full Kickstarter page and read more of our story.

I’ll be back as usual later today with Friday Faves.  Thanks for sharing my excitement about this new project!  xoxo

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  1. I love this!! How nice to have good voices and good background music in children’s tapes! (ha ha do I know that adorable drummer?) I love the sportsmanship angle, too, most parents will really appreciate that! This would also be appropriate to sell at a Christian bookstore, too, I think.
    Be sure to write music in different keys. One complaint I have about the children’s music Paige has is every song seems to be written in the same key. I think that wears on the adults who play the music for the kids.
    I would love for Paige to have something like this. GOOD JOB! YAY!

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