what are you scared of?

Today, Mr. Lovely and I are hopping on another plane and flying to California for a couple of weeks.  I’m so, so excited to see my family and spend some time on my favorite coast!  What I’m so, so not excited about is the plane that’s taking us there.

We travel a lot.  And I love it that way, because I like to be on the move and I love to see the world.  But lately, when we’re up in the air, any little bump or noise has been absolutely freaking me out!  On the last trip we took back to NYC, our first flight was so bumpy that I was researching renting a car and driving from Memphis to New York instead of taking our planned connecting flight.  Oh, the drama!

Now, I’m a rational person.  I know that turbulence has almost zero to do with in-flight safety, and that you’re hundreds of times more likely to have a car accident than a plane crash.  But my extra-wonderful imagination can’t help but taking off when the turbulence begins, and I become absolutely convinced that we’re going to fall out of the sky.

So there you go.  Today — possibly as you’re reading this — I’m smashing one of my two big fears.  (The other one, in case you’re wondering, is being eaten by a shark.  I blame this on my Mom, because her favorite movie is Jaws.)  So wish me luck and say a little prayer that we arrive in California safe and sound.  And in the meantime, entertain me — what’s your big fear?  xoxo

8 thoughts on “what are you scared of?”

  1. I have a HUGE fear of driving over bridges. My imagination goes wild, and I’m afraid it will collapse while I’m in the middle, plunging me into the water below – igniting another huge fear. Being trapped in my car, while sinking underwater. :/

  2. I’m with you…last time I flew from Lisbon my sixth sense told me something was going to happen during the flight. I’ve had this panic feelings just lately and don’t lnow why. Plus I Iive in the caribbean and miss out on diving, I am so scared of sharks I don’t know what I would do if I saw one!!

  3. Dang it! And here I was all ready to make a snappy comment on how at least you’re not flying over the ocean where Jaws lives, until I read the last paragraph. 🙂

  4. I’m terrified of big open bodies of water, and I’m also pretty claustrophobic. Hence, the movie Titanic is a big no-no for me.

  5. I’ll be praying for a smooth and peaceful flight! I’m TOTALLY there with you, usually to calm me down I look at the flight attendants and think “oh, hey if they aren’t freaking out, I probably shouldn’t either…”

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