what a mess

In the spirit of full disclosure, I hereby present to you the before photos of the new apartment. Things are already lightyears beyond where they were the day I took these photos (I think Monday?), but we’re also still a ways off from being finished. It’s so hard to put together a home, isn’t it? You want it to all be magically done right away, but sometimes you just have to wait to find the perfect little finishing touches.

In any case, laugh it up while you can, because it’s not going to look like this much longer! Here they are — no retouching, no staging, photos of a one hundred percent verifiable mess. Feel free to judge. xoxo

5 thoughts on “what a mess”

  1. ewwwwwww what a mess!! 🙂 ha ha ha ohhhh my gosh. I love your place! love your patio, love your bathroom, love that table that you get to sit at and look out that big winda and drink tea. Can’t wait to see the next phase. xoxoxoxo

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