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West Elm Workshop



I can’t tell you how much I loved my most recent collaboration with West Elm! From styling our holiday mantle to the DIY monogrammed stocking workshop we recently held together, it was all a total blast. And I have to tell you, the West Elm gang is maybe the classiest brand I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I love being able to share them with you, mostly because I so admire their commitment to quality, the way they reach out to their community, and the beautiful things that they create.

It was such fun to host another workshop at the LA location — there were quite a few guests who had never been to the store and were blown away by the place. And it’s true! If you’re in LA and have never been, you’ll lose your mind when you set foot in it. On top of that, the team had decked our workshop area out and made it a holiday DIY wonderland (I think the hand-painted polka dot table covers were my fave). Not to mention that amazing hanging installation of embroidery hoops. The creativity is just endless.





I was so excited to have goodies from Ticket Chocolate and Simple Things Pie Shop on our menu! The hot chocolate on a stick was a hit, and the mini pies were just perfect for people to nibble.



I loved putting together some merry little gift bags for our guests, too! I hand-stamped some baggies (full DIY to come!) and filled them with little pieces from some of my favorite shops. The bags had pieces from Thatch and Thistle, Genevieve Santos, Lana’s Shop, Treasure Imports, and Amanda Catherine Designs (and a little handmade something from yours truly). I’ll be sharing a peek into the bags coming up soon! We were also super pumped to have Mary Costa there taking photos — she’s becoming my go-to gal for event photos because she has such an awesome eye and always snaps the best moments.



But my very favorite part of the whole evening was just watching people enjoy each others company while they were creating. People were coming and going and getting to know each other; by the end of the night about 25 people had made stockings (lots of folks made two!). It’s so wonderful to be able to bring people together in the spirit of making, and see the creativity that swirls around. So many people individualized their projects in ways I never would have thought of, and I loved that. It was a fantastic group!




I’ll be sharing the full DIY tutorial soon, which will have printable templates for the monogramming! For now, I hope you enjoy a few more photos. Big thanks to the West Elm team for putting together such a merry time! xoxo


Photos by Mary Costa Photography

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15 thoughts on “West Elm Workshop

  1. I bet everyone had an amazing time! Too bad I live extraverymuch too far, I would have liked to be there 🙁

    By the way, your hair is amazing on those pictures!

  2. Oh my gosh. How amazing. Those stockings are adorable and I love all the photos from this event. And your dress! Wish I could have been there (seriously starting to feel like a broken record between you and Kelly on the LA events I keep missing).

  3. Looks like a great even – definitely getting me into a Chrismassy spirit!

    Very impressed by your professionalism in this blogging world. Super savvy and inspirational! 🙂


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Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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