well-groomed & grant’s golden brand pomade

Hi all!  Mr. Lovely here again.  I had such a good time with my last post, I asked the little lady if I could write another!  Here we go.

Since my lovely fiance has gotten so very entrenched in the blog world, I too have started paying attention to all the blogs out there.  One of my new favorites is Well-Groomed, a man-friendly blog that covers everything concerning dude wedding style.

Recently, they held a contest giving away some awesome hair styling products. And guess what? I won! I got some good old-fashioned pomade to style my hair up for the big day.  Maybe we’ll do a photoshoot of all the different ways I can style my hair with it (and hopefully I won’t end up looking like Jimmy Neutron).

Big thanks to Darren at Well-Groomed and Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade!

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