This Week // 35

Baby in a Panda Head

Sooooo that’s my niece up there. Wearing her little Halloween leggings and dress… and a giant panda head. Because those are the types of things that happen around here. We have a friend who happened to have access to a giant panda costume for the last year or so, and Mr. Lovely asked her about a million times when he could have it. So last week she showed up at our doorstep with it. And now, guys, we own a panda costume, like every God-fearing American couple should. I’m thinking of renting it out. Anybody need a panda costume for a couple of days? I’ll let you have it on the cheap.

Other than little kids running around in giant animal heads, it’s business as usual here this week! And by business, I mean work, house projects, prenatal classes & appointments, family dinners, and all that jazz. I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of things we need to accomplish in the next few weeks, but we’re starting to organize our priorities and that makes me feel loads better. What’s up with you this week?! xoxo

This Week’s Faves

These DIY clay Halloween rings are so fun!
Our house is all decked out with this creepy crawly sidewalk that Mr. Lovely made.
I bake at least three batches of these every. single. year.
A sheep blankie. Dare I start a knitting project now?

More Lovely

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How we back up everything — digital photos, files, the whole enchilada.

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