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We got some fun news this week — Lovely Indeed is a top ten finalist for Better Homes and Gardens’ DIY blogger award! The other finalists are very fancy, awesome bloggers (and I’m proud to call lots of them my good pals!). If you’re in a voting mood, head right over here and vote it out for your favorite. You’ll need to skip ahead to the DIY section.


Otherwise, this week was filled with lots of work, photoshoots, time with friends + fam, delicious fajitas from our favorite taqueria, and one million baby kisses. Those photos up yonder are from a silly little impromptu photoshoot I forced (yeah right) Mr. Lovely and Henry into. They secretly loved it. Red Stamp sent us those love balloons so we all tossed on something pink (Hank didn’t seem to have any pink in his wardrobe so he got the heart) and snapped away. I loved that day.

So! What are you up to this weekend? If you need a little extra entertainment, I’ve got you covered. xoxo

Watching Lauren’s calligraphy videos is totally mesmerizing.
I’ll take these sunnies, please.
My phone battery was constantly dying so I did a little research.
Yes, all pancakes need flowers.
And speaking of breakfast food, did you see Lovely Indeed’s new hashtag?



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  1. Too sweet! My heart melts looking at your lil’ family. I’ll be delivering some Save the Dates, wedding planning and celebrating the Lunar New Year with the future in-laws. Happy weekend, Foys!

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